Cyclo Vac Mini


Perfect for condos and apartments

  • 600 AirWatts
  • Easy access to the bag from the bottom
  • Lightweight, compact model
  • Made in Canada
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Description

    Compact, but Roomy!
    Due to its compact size this model easily installs anywhere, which makes it perfect for condos and apartments. Its canister and bag also have a more compact design, but still have an impressive capacity.
    Powerful and Quiet!
    Surprisingly more powerful than typical portable vacuums, yet it is also amongst the most silent vacuums on the market, so you can clean at any time, without disturbing the entire household or neighbors.

    Additional information


    Accessory kit sold separately

    Bag Capacity

    16 L

    Bag Type

    Cyclo Vac Cloth Bag (3-Notch Short)




    506 AirWatts, Ultra Silent Operation (54 Decibels), Compact

    Filter System

    Cyclo Vac Bag & Micro Filter


    12A 1-Stage


    10 Years